Microphone hire packages

Conference and Theatrical radio systems.

Sennheiser Radio microphone systems

available up to 20 channels with Lapel, headset

or handheld microphones.

£30-day  £90-week per mic system.

Hand held radio microphones for vocals.

Shure SM-58 hand held radio microphone sytems.

£30-day  £90-week per mic system.

Question and answer PA system package.

2 Sennheiser handheld radio microphones,

2 Ev Self powered speakers,

2 Speaker stands,

2 microphone stands,

all cables.

£125-day  £375-week.

Drum kit microphones, professional package.

1 Shure beta91 and 1 Audix D6 for Kick drum,

2 Sm-57 for Snare,

3 AKG C451's, 1 for Hat's and 2 over heads,

3 Sennheiser E604 Tom clip mics,

2 Tall mic stands,

4 Short mic stands.

£60-day  £180-week.