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Microphone hire packages

Please ask about our delivery and setup service.

Conference and Theatrical radio systems.

Sennheiser Radio microphone systems

available up to 20 channels with Lapel, headset

or handheld microphones.

£30-day  £90-week per mic system.

Hand held radio microphones for vocals.

Shure SM-58 hand held radio microphone sytems.

£30-day  £90-week per mic system.

Question and answer PA system package.

2 Sennheiser handheld radio microphones,

2 Ev Self powered speakers,

2 Speaker stands,

2 microphone stands,

all cables.

£125-day  £375-week.

Drum kit microphones, professional package.

1 Shure beta91 and 1 Audix D6 for Kick drum,

2 Sm-57 for Snare,

3 AKG C451's, 1 for Hat's and 2 over heads,

3 Sennheiser E604 Tom clip mics,

2 Tall mic stands,

4 Short mic stands.

£60-day  £180-week.

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