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Sound Equipment List

Here's a full list of the equipment we have in stock,
Please get in touch to arrange a package to suit your needs.


Martin Audio Wavefront


Nexo PS


PS10 R2/LS600

PS15 R2/LS18


Meyer UPA-1C

Meyer UPA-1P

Meyer speaker processors



Electro-voice ELX 112p

Electro-voice  SX300


Turbosound TMS-4

Turbosound NuQ152 15

Stage Monitors

Turbosound TFM-250 passive

Turbosound TFM-250 bi amp

Martin Audio LE-700 bi amp

I.E.M Systems


Shure PSM700 IEM Kit

Sound Desks

Yamaha QL1 FOH package

32channel rio stage box

100m digital multicore.

Midas pro1 package

Dl-251 stage box

 48 send 16 return stage box with

90 mtr  CAT5 digital multicore

Yamaha TF3 digital console.

Digico S31.


Midas Venice 320

Compact 32 channel console

Outboard Dynamics/Eq's

BSS FCS-966 32 band graphic eq

BSS DPR-504 quad gate

Klark Teknik DN514 quad gate

Drawmer DL241 dual compressor

Klark Teknik DN500 quad comp

TL Audio twin tube comp

Outboard Effects 

Yamaha Spx-1000 multi effects

Yamaha spx-2000 multi effects

Lexicon pcm-81 multi effects

Lexicon pcm-91 reverb

Tc electronics D-two tap delay

Tc electronics M5000 reverb 

DBX 120A sub harmonic processor

Multi Track Recording

Alesis HD24 24 track digital recording


48 channel AES50 to MADI interface (allowing pro tools recording from Midas consoles)






Shure Beta 91

Shure Beta 57

Shure Beta 58

Shure Beta 87

Shure sm 57

Shure sm58

Shure sm 81

Sennhieser e906

Sennhieser e609

Sennhieser e606

Sennhieser e604

Sennhieser e602

Sennhiser e614

Sennhieser md421

Sennhieser mkh416

Beyerdynamic m201tg

Beyerdynamic opus 51

Beyerdynamic opus 53

Beyerdynamic TG D70

Beyerdynamic M88

Audio technica AT4033

Audix D6

AKG C451

AKG D112

AKG C414

AKG C3000

AKG C1000

Neumann U87ai

Neumann TLM102

Heil PR40

DPA 4099

Shure SM 58 wireless system

Shure Beta 58 wireless system

Shure Beta 87 wireless system

Trantec S4.4 wireless system

DI Boxes

Radial J48

Radial JDI

Radial Pro D2 Stereo

Radial Twin ISO 


Bss ar-133

Mic stands

K&M 21020 tall stands

​K&M ST259 short stands

Amplifiers Lab gruppen
PLM-14k 2 channel

PLM-10k 4 channel

Amplifiers Full Fat Audio








Amplifiers QSC

Powerlight pl 2hv

Powerlight pl 1.8

Amplifiers Linear Research

Rack DP-50 4 channel



BSS FDS-360 

Nexo DSP's

Cables Signal

Multicore 50mtr  40sends 16returns

8 channel stage drops 15mtr

16 channel stage drop 20mtr

4 core stage loom 20mtr

XLR 10mtr

XLR 5mtr

Cables Speaker

Speakon NL8 20mtr

Speakon NL8 10mtr

Speakon NL4  20mtr

Speakon NL4 10mtr



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