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Lighting and Rigging

Lighting control


Pulsar Masterpeice 108 Dmx desk.


Pulsar 18 channel DMX dimmer rack,

63a 3 or single phase input 16a and Soca outs.


4 way pre wired Dmx bars, 6 foot long  with 16amp/32amp dimmer built in.


Light fixtures 15amp 16amp and Socapex


Par 64 long 600w ray light cans with adjustable beam angle.


Par 64 long 500w cans.


Par 64 long 1k cans.


Par 56 long 300w cans.


Par 56 short 300w cans.


Par 64 6way bars on soca Black/Silver.


Par 56 floor cans Silver.


ETC Source 4 750w HPL lamp 20-50 degrees.


500w Fresnel fittings.


500w stage floods.






Special effect


Chroma q broadway Dmx scrollers.


NJD Datamoon effect lights.


Aquatic effect lights 250w.


UV canon 400w.


UV batten fittings 56w.


RGB 30mW laser.


Dmx stage hazer.


Dmx stage smoke machine.


Solar 250 projectors.


Moving Washes 250w.


Martin Mac500 575w moving head.


Stands and Truss


Manfrotto/Doughty 3.2mtr windup stands.


Power Drive windup stands.

Trilite truss 1/2/2.5 and 3m lenghts, corners and T sections.

Milos 250 quad truss .5/1/2/2.5 and 3m lenghts, corners and T sections.

9M chain hoists.

Outside lighting


600w Hqi floods.


250w Hqi floods.


150w halogen floods.


300w halogen floods.

1k halogen floods.

70w son floods.

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