Sound, Lighting and Power for the Schools Christmas concert in the Brighton Centre.

Medieval special effects for a corporate event with a huge snow machine.

Thunder audio supplied generators, site power, Sound and lighting for Samphire festival 2016

Seaford College asked Thunder Audio to supply the sound, Lighting, Generator and site power for

Seafordstock 2014 and again for their 2015 show

Thunder was asked to fill a valley with fog for a medieval market scene for a Sega game launch.

Thunder audio supplied two big screens and two Flare audio sound systems for Nickelodeon at the Barbican.

Thunder Audio supplied audio, lighting, site power and generators for very special kids party.

Silent disco lighting supplied by Thunder Audio.

Seaford College remembrance service,

1000+ audiance in the sports hall.

Digital sound desk, microphone hire, speaker hire.

Mixing the on stage sound for Scouting for Girls, Thunder Audio supplied two Midas Pro desks.

Thunder Audio where asked to supply sound, lighting, site power and a generator for a wedding in East Lavant near Chichester.

Thunder Audio supplied two gas powered flame units to produce 6 meter high flames for the Red Bull stage at Bestival 2014.